Be My Baby Boomer

I know it's in the middle of summer and bright nails are my jam, but sometimes a pallet needs to be cleansed. I've been an admirer of baby boomer manis for a minute now, even though I despise your typical pink and white french.

 A baby boomer manicure is a simple pink and white or nude and white, but instead of the harsh separation you see with the white tip, it blends it out through gradiation. Basically, it's an ombre french nail. On with the tutorial!

What You Need:

Zoya Ana or any Nude base
Zoya Purity or any white
Seche Vite or top coat of your choice
OPI Matte Top Coat (optional)
Makeup Sponge Wedges
E.L.F. concealer brush (for cleanup)

First I started by prepping my nails by using the peel of base coat as a finger protector. While that was drying I applied my base coat. After both have dried, I applied my nude color to most of the nail, excluding the tip. I swiped the tip of the nails with the white color. I did this so I wouldn't have to sponge on so many layers. This also helps the tips stand out a little more so you can work on blurring the middle line with the sponging.

Once the polish was dry, I layered the nude and white colors on a cosmetic wedge sponge and stamped that onto my nail, focusing on moving a little higher and lower so the colors can mix and blur the gradient.

Once you've got your gradient looking the way you want to, top it off with your favorite top coat. I added a matte coat as well, because I prefer that look, but you can keep your mani glossy.

That's it for this tutorial! Hope you guys enjoyed and if you do try the baby boomer mani, please use #lipsticksandnailpolish so I can see your lovely digits! Love you guys!



  1. This is quite literally the best looking mani I've seen in foreverrrr! I love bright colors, too, but this trumps all of those neon Summer shades. This is FABULOUS! Fantastic work, mama!

  2. Wow this is gorgeous! Why does it have the name baby boomer though?

    1. I honestly have no idea, and I don't think anyone really knows for sure. I tried researching it and the only thing that came up was that during the big baby boom from 49(I think?) to 64, women predominantly wore white, nude or pink nail polish but that seems like a stretch, tbh lol

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