Lip Thrill Thursday: Younique Lip Bonbons

Hello my loves! Welcome to another Lip Thrill Thursday! Today I bring to you Younique's Lip Bonbon in Cherry Cobbler. The Lip Bonbon's are tinted lip balms that will help keep your lips nice and moisturized while giving you a nice hint of color.

I will say that this product was sent to me for review. I did not pay for this product but all opinions are my own and honest.
Let's get on with the review!

Review: Garnier Clearly Brighter System

Hello loves! Today I bring you my review on Garnier's new Clearly Brighter skincare line.

Garnier's new Clearly brighter collection claims that in just a week, your skin will apear brighter and more even toned. It helps correct dark spots, improves skin texture and evens out wrinkles. I've been using this product for about eight weeks now, which should be enough time to notice a difference if there is one.

I picked up the Clearly Brighter Overnight Leave-On Peel Mask and the Brightening Daily Moisturizer. I have thoughts. These are them.

Play It Up For Summer

It gets ridiculously hot in Florida and finding a hairstyle that;s both fun and won't melt in the heat can be frustrating. Braids have always been a nice summer staple but sometimes you want to jazz it up and Piggybraid buns does just that. It incorporates three hairstyles, braids, buns and pigtails and not only looks super cute, it keeps your hair up enough to keep you cool.

Add A Little Punch To Your Tips

On these hot summer days, there's nothing like a refreshing drink to cool you down. For me, it's a frozen pink lemonade. So why not spice up my fingertips with something a little on the fruity side as well. Here's a nice little summer drink inspired mani. It's super similar to the Lemonade inspired mani I did, with a little more punch to it.

The 2016 Semi-Annual Empties Post: Jan-June

Hello my loves and welcome! It's been a smidge longer than when I normally post but I've got a good one to come back with. I've saved up some of my empties from the past six months and have decided to do a semi-annual empties roundup post, some products I love, some I don't but all worth talking about.