Fit Friday: Grazing All Day, Every Day

Do you remember Lola Gets Fit, the series? Well since the name of the blog has changed so has the series. I'm going with Fit Friday because even though the weekend is so close, maybe a little reminder to keep it just a little on the healthier side is needed. That and Fit starts with an F.

For this first Fit Friday, I bring to you Graze, a subscription box like no other.

Look, I'll be the first to say I think we've gone a little overboard with the subscription boxes. I had a Birchbox years ago but got over it because I never really used what I was sent. Food however is a different story.

You know that feeling you get smack dab right in the middle of breakfast and lunch? We've all had a case of the hangrys. The coffee's worn off and you need that little extra oomph? More often than not that's when you'd grab donuts or candy or something that isn't all that healthy. Enter Graze. Graze sends you 8 delicious snacks per box, which you can customize to receive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Greek Yogurt topped with the Mango Coconut Protein Gronola Topper
Not only is Graze helping you snack yummier, but it's helping you snack better. All of their snacks are nutritionist approved, with no gmo's, artificial flavor or coloring and no trans fats. A nutrition guide comes with every box, so you know exactly how much calories, proteins, sugars, etc. you're putting into your body. Bonus? Most are under 150 calories. Double Bonus? They're delicious. Triple (Berry) Bonus? They send you what you want and nix what you don't.

Summer Berry Flapjacks + Coffee = a pretty awesome way to start the day
Being that I'm not a fan of raisins or spicy foods, I excluded that from my box. Even though that limits which snacks I get, I'm guaranteed to not get things I won't like. And on some off chance I don't like something they send, it's really easy to log onto their site and go through the contents of your box so that you can Trash, Try, Like or Love something. They won't send you anything you've Trashed and try to send you more of the stuff you Like or Love.

Snickerdoodle dip and Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks and a glass of vanilla almond milk
Of course I wouldn't leave you hungry without supplying a little taste. Click here to get your first box, which is a 4 snack sample box, and your fifth box free. Try it out for a week or two and see how you like it. You can totally cancel anytime.

Have fun grazing! Love you guys!


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