How To Fix This S#!%: Lush Shower Jellies

Hello my loves! I'm back after a glorious birthday vacation refreshed and feeling so much better. You know that feeling you get after you get home from a really long day in the hot sweltering sun? You're  all sweaty and sticky and gross and you finally get to hop in the shower and cool off.m That smell of your favorite shower gel hits you and everything is OK and you feel so much better. That's exactly how I feel after my little vacation.

That's actually exactly what I did after coming home from the zoo after a hot day of sight seeing in the Florida sun on my birthday, this past 4th of July. The body wash I grabbed? My beloved Whoosh Shower Jelly from Lush. The problem? I have small hands and rubbing down with the big slab of jelly, especially when it's wiggly, slimy and wet always ends up with the shower jelly falling on the floor. My solution? Cut that shit up.

I've been using their shower jelly for a little over a month now and although I love the concept (it makes bathing fun again, even just a little) and the smell of Whoosh is amazing, I always struggled to keep a hold onto the jelly and I felt that I was wasting a lot of the product with my mishandling of it. 

After purchasing my second tube, I decided maybe breaking off little chunks of it would be easier and it was, but then I figured why not just cut them all up to begin with, making it easier to retrieve and use. So I did. And it went swimmingly.

First I cut the jelly down the middle vertically.

 Then cut each half into four vertical pieces.

Finally, I cut each of those vertical pieces in four horizontally, giving me 32 pieces of jelly per cube. Each little cube lasts a shower, giving me a good lather each time.

The shower jelly was very easy to chop up and you could probably get away with cutting them smaller but I wouldn't really recommend it, since it would get a little more messy to use then.

Have fun cutting up all of your shower jellies! Love you guys!



  1. I saw a couple of youtube videos where people blended/whipped theirs into a cream. I am definitely considering it. I lose so much of my jelly down the drain.

    1. I'm going to have to try that next. I usually just use the jelly in my hand but the fiance uses it with a loofah and likes that a lot better.

  2. I would definitely be in the cut-it-up camp. I have child hands.

    1. I have small hands too and the big blob was way too much for me. It's so much fun using, though.