Love Is Love Is Love

Around the country, gay pride is being celebrated during the month of June. I wanted to create a simple mani to celebrate, even though Pride isn't celebrated until October here in Orlando. I was going to post the tutorial this week, but then yesterday happened and I couldn't just post a tutorial as if nothing happened.

So I scrapped this original post and want to send out my love and support to everyone affected by this horrendous crime of hate. Support is needed from around the world, so please help where you can.

If you live in Orlando, please schedule an appointment at One Blood to donate. Seeing almost 1000 people in line to donate yesterday was so overwhelming, but they're going to need more blood in the next couple of days. O negative, O positive and AB plasma types are especially needed.

For those not in the area, please donate to a Go Fund Me page set up for the victims. They're going to need help with hospital bills, etc. At the time of me writing this, over $1 million dollars has been raised, but more is definitely needed.

Please don't spew hate in regards to what happened here. Don't fight hate with hate. We as a community are full of love. We showed that today. Please continue to love one another.


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