In A Unicorn Galaxy Far, Far Away

Hello my loves! Thank you for your patience. After last Sunday's events I needed a bit of a break. But on with the show, I say.

Today I bring you not only a new nail vinyl stencil (link to the right) but also a cute springtime galaxy nail.

I know galaxy nails have been around for years. But I was inspired by spring and cute pastel colors. And Unicorns. Obviously unicorns.

What You Need:
Zoya Hudson (or any sparkly lavendar)
Zoya Dillon (or any sparkly mint)
Zoya Rebel (or any sparkly baby blue)
Zoya Azalea (or any sparkly pink)
Zoya Leia (or any iridescent top coat)
OPI Don't Burst My Bubble (or any sheer nude)
Makeup Sponge Wedge

Usually I start off with a white base, but I wanted a light, translucent feel to the colors so I just used a regular base coat. After it was dry, I picked the corners off of my cosmetics sponge of the wedge and while holding it with the tweezers, I painted on Hudson to the spongy, jagged side. I dabbed that color over the nail, in random spots. I moved onto the next nail and once I was done with all the nails, went back to the first with the same color, going over each nail 3 times for full opacity. Once I was done with the first color I moved on to the next color, repeating this with Dillon, Rebel and Azalea.

Once my nails were completely dry, I topped it off with Seche Vite top coat. After that dried, I used the Marks The Spot nail vinyl over all nails and painted on OPI's Don't Burst My Bubble. I didn't want to use an opaque white because again, I wanted it to be a little translucent. I took the vinyl off before it was dry and repeated this step to all of my nails. Finally, I topped it off with Leia, to give it a pretty iridescent feel.

I really love the way these turned out. It's a fun way to hop on both the pastel and galaxy nail trend. Please let me know if you try these out! Love you guys!



  1. Oh, this is really unique! I loved that topper from Zoya with their spring collection. I know a lot of people didn't like the spring colors, but I loved them!

    1. they weren't the best but I still liked them, especially that topper :)

  2. This is amazing! Those colors are so great to layer under the Zoya

  3. saw this on IG and fell in LOVE.

  4. I mean, what's not to love about this design and the colors and the shimmer? So much beautyyyyy!

  5. This manicure turned out beautifully!! So much shimmer!!