We're Going To Need A Bigger Rack

Thank you, Zoya, for providing amazing Earth Day sales for me to expand my polish collection. I picked up 31 polishes during the sale, which actually is a lot less than I originally thought I was going to get so that's a plus, right?

I have to say that 10 of my polishes were broken during shipping. Thank god for Zoya's amazing customer service. I got replacement polishes in less than a week, which is amazing.

Given that Zoya is probably my favorite brand of polishes, I already own quite a lot of them. I didn't really need anything from their existing stock, I wanted to focus on some of the new collections that I didn't have. Because I tend to buy whole collections, I usually wait for a beauty show or their Earth Day sale to purchase the polishes. The four collections I picked up were. Focus (pictured above)

and Flair, Zoya's fall collections from last year,

the Matte Velvets from winter,

the transitional Whispers,

and finally, the Petals spring collection. I of course will also be picking up the Seashells and Sunsets collection soon, so look for a review for that in the next couple of weeks.

Love you guys!


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